Since the second half of this year, the structural adjustment of LED upstream equipment has caused widespread concern in the industry. During the interim report, an industry insider told the China Securities Journal reporter that due to the increase in industry concentration, some small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to transfer MOCVD machines to large enterprises such as Sanan Optoelectronics. Since the MOCVD machine is the core production material for the production of LED chips, the source believes that the concentration of upstream production capacity to leading companies will make the past chip's fierce price-cutting scenes buffer.
Recently, news about the localization of MOCVD has also been frequently reported from the industry. Some people in the industry believe that the global MOCVD equipment market is monopolized by two foreign giants, Aixtron of Germany and Veeco of the United States, and about 70 MOCVDs around the world are sold to China. If the effect of import substitution is activated, it will not only greatly reduce the manufacturing of LED chips. Cost, improve the profitability of the enterprise, and also help Chinese companies have greater voice in the LED industry.
Many people in the industry said that the localization of MOCVD will not be as smooth as the outside world imagined. This year should be just getting started, some products are shipped, but in the short term, this kind of products will still be the debugging stage. There will be no market opportunities for domestic MOCVD equipment by 2015. At present, domestic enterprises have just assembled MOCVD equipment products, and some core components are still purchased from foreign companies. It cannot be said that localization has been realized, but it has only been able to achieve domestic production, and the debugging cycle of such equipment is long, that is, using now Domestic equipment can not reduce the production cost of enterprises.
Other LED companies expressed the same opinion. Zhao Jinrong, president of Northern Microelectronics, told the China Securities Journal that most companies did not dare to expect too much from domestic MOCVD equipment in the short term because the average age of LED lighting equipment is around 5-7 years, which has high requirements for MOCVD. At present, the LED market competition is very fierce, and product quality is the life of the enterprise. If large-scale use of domestic MOCVD equipment in a short period of time may bring greater uncertainty to product quality, MOCVD equipment needs to be constantly maintained and updated. The strength of the provider is also high.
Regarding the relatively mature field of LED upstream equipment and the breakthrough in the future, Zhang Xiaofei introduced that at present, the domestic strength in packaging and testing is strong, and the technology is relatively mature. Some enterprises have no difference in equipment, and currently in the industrial chain. Related equipment has begun to replace imports on a large scale, and in the future it is possible to go abroad to achieve internationalization of products.
For the market prospect of packaging equipment, Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli Optoelectronics, which is the main LED chip package, said that the packaging industry is a typical large-scale industry. As the domestic LED market continues to grow, the company will continue to purchase packaging equipment in the future to improve The scale of production capacity will also be intelligent, and the packaging equipment will be continuously debugged to increase production capacity.

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