Model NO.: RH-P
HS Code: 84552210
  • MATERIAL:    
(1) Coil Width: 200mm (exact coil width is confirmed according with final test data)
(2) Suitable Coil Thickness: 1.5mm
(3) Suitable Raw Materials: color steel coil (yield strength: 235Mpa)
(4) suitable steel coil inner diameter: ¢508mm
(5) suitable steel coil outer diameter: ≤¢1200mm
(6) Suitable steel coil max weight: 3 Tons
  1. Line working speed: 10~15m/min
  2. Each piece final products length tolerance: ±2.0mm
  3. Roll forming line power source: 380V/50HZ/3 Phase
Decoiler-Leveler and feeder machine-puncher-roll former-saw cutter-final products output
Simple line lay-out drawing (just like reference):

  1. Motor decoiler--1 set (decoiler capacity is 3 tons)
  2. Leveler and feeder machine-1 set  
  3. Puncher-1 set (for notch parts)
  4. Main roll former-- 1 set                          
(5) Hydraulic Cutter-- 1 set                             
(6) Hydraulic station-- 1set                              
(7) PLC control system - 1 set                         
(8) Final products rack-1set (total length is 4 meters)                            
  1. Motor decoiler:
Decoiler is power model; motor power drives decoiler shaft to open steel coil, and manual power expands steel coil inner diameter and make steel coil to be fixed well on decoiler shaft. Decoiler also includes pneumatic power brake device, it can make decoiler shaft to be stopped in time.
The decoiler is single head model, max loading capacity: 3000kg
Suitable steel coil inner-diameter: ¢508mm, max outer diameter: ¢1200mm
 Decoiler working speed can be adjusted according to main roll former working condition. The transducer is used to control and adjust the decoiler shaft moving speed.
 Leveler motor power: about 2.2Kw

 The machine outer form reference picture:

  1. Leveler and feeder machine:
Leveler is 5 rolls model, the up layer has 2 rolls and down layer has 3 rolls. The up layer rolls can be lifted up and down, it is convenient to adjust the up and down leveler rolls gap. The adjustment model is manual and operator adjusts the lead screw to change the up and down leveler rolls gap parameter.
The servo motor drives leveler rolls and pinch rolls to finish feeding action, pinch rolls device includes up and down rolls, up rolls can be adjusted by pneumatic cylinder.
Servo motor power: 2.2 Kw
Servo motor brand: Inovance (Chinese products)
  1. Puncher:
It is used to punch square and circle holes on the steel sheet surface, main aim is to finish all necessary holes. This working condition of puncher is pre-punch.
The puncher power is hydraulic power model, power is supplied by hydraulic system. When the puncher is working, roll forming line the other parts need not to stop and puncher working condition is continuous.
Punch die material: Cr12 (HRC58~62)
Puncher reference show:

 (4) Main roll former:
            Main roll former uses single forming stand model, welded steel base plate. The transmission part mainly includes motor, decelerator gearbox and transmission shaft.
Iin          On the roll former part, feeding guide device is installed in the front of puncher. The guide device material feeding width can be adjusted, in order to satisfy few kinds coil which the width parameter is not exact same as required coil width. The adjust model is manual, operator uses hand wheel to adjust the guide device feeding part.
            The max width of feeding guider: 200mm (exact coil width is confirmed according with final test data)
Main roll former forming stand number: 24
The roller is designed by professional software, and all rollers dimension are precise;
Forming roller material: Cr12 (HRC40~46)
Forming shaft material: 40Cr
Forming shaft dimension: ¢70mm
Main roll former working speed: 10~15m/min
Main motor power: 22 Kw
The machine base plate is welded steel model, all working actions are control by electric cabinet.
Yield strength of raw material: ≤235Mpa

Main roll former outer form reference picture:

(5) Hydraulic Cutter:
The cutter model is saw cutter and it stop to cut, when the cutter is working, complete line needs to stop. There is no waste piece after cut action.
Cutter tooling material: alloy steel
Cut length tolerance: ±2.0mm
Suitable raw material sheet thickness: 1.5mm
The cutter can be cutted the final products on confirmed length, and the length is automatically fixed by encoder.

(6) Hydraulic system:
   It supplies the power for the puncher.
   All hydraulic accessories are all use Chinese famous brand products.
   Hydraulic system motor power: ≈7.5Kw

(7) PLC Control System:
This system uses Mitsubishi (or same level brand products) PLC to control all working actions. Production quantity and each piece length will be automatically measured; human and machine interface, touch screen is input and cancelled the working data. It is convenient to control the roll forming machine.
The control panel has English operation interface, it is convenient to operator to input and cancel working date.

(7) Final products output rack (un-powered):
Two parts, each part length is 2 meters. The total length is 4 meters.
In order to collect the final product and final products is convenient to be stacked by workers. The rack height can be adjusted and adjustable range is 20mm.
This rack can be disassembled easily, in order to satisfy different working condition requirements.

NOTE: if buyer wants to use steel coil to make roll forming line final test, buyer needs to supply the test material or pay charges for seller and seller will help buyer to buy test material in time.

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