With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous sealing machine production technology is also continuously improving. Due to the special nature of some products, it must be vacuum-packed. Therefore, the continuous sealing machine manufacturer integrates the vacuum pumping technology into the production of the sealing machine and introduces vacuum. Continuous sealing machine products are very popular in the market, and some consumers may not understand this product yet. The following Shanghai Shi Heng Xiao Bian gave a few answers to several questions that people were more concerned about. I hope that everyone will read it later. Vacuum continuous sealing machine has some understanding.
Vacuum continuous sealing machine

1. Why use vacuum vacuum continuous sealing machine?

Because the vacuum continuous sealing machine can maintain the freshness of the product, food or electronic products need to be protected against moisture, drying, and vacuum. For example, paper and even plastics have pores, which cause heat to rise and contract in the general environment. In addition, when the air contains more moisture, the paper absorbs moisture when the air is dry. The moisture will be evaporated into the air for a long time. The paper will yellow and spoil. However, in the air, there is not only water, but also bacteria, mold, impurities, etc. In order to maintain quality, vacuum is needed.

2. What are the advantages of using a vacuum continuous sealing machine for vacuum? Can you save costs?

After vacuum processing, the product can be stored for a longer period of time, and the cost of warehousing and transportation of the company can be relatively reduced. Before the vacuum is made, the cold storage, asepsis, and dry warehouses and trucks may be required, so the required funds are very high. Huge, after vacuum processing, these costs can be saved.

3, electronic products can also use vacuum continuous sealing machine?

Yes, vacuum can be applied to electronic or industrial products, in addition to preventing rust on the contacts, and parts can be prevented from colliding or loose parts during transportation. 4. What is vacuum nitrogen filling? Can food be used?

Some foods are non-extrudable and fragile. Additional nitrogen-filled equipment must be added. Nitrogen is an inert gas that keeps food crisp and fresh and harmless.

5, the general plastic bags can be used?

It is not enough. Vacuum sealing machines require the use of special vacuum bags. Because the general plastic bags have low air density, vacuum bags are required.

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