On March 23, 2016, Weihai Zhongyuan Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd. and Nantong Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. jointly held a signing ceremony for the cooperation agreement on marine exhaust aftertreatment equipment in Shenzhen Weihai with the 711 Institute and Wuhan Sailing Ship Technology Co., Ltd. . Chairman of Weihai Zhongyuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Nantong Yuanyang Supporting Director Wang Quanhua, Assistant Director of the 711 Institute, He Bing, and Chairman of Wuhan Sailing Ship Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Changyi signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the three parties.
Four ship companies signed a cooperation agreement for marine exhaust aftertreatment devices
As the top research institute for ship supporting products in China, the 711 Institute has strong research and development strength, and the research and development of ship supporting products is at the domestic leading level. The marine exhaust aftertreatment device developed by it has small volume, low energy consumption and intelligence. High degree of operation, reliable operation and the ability to eliminate noise, will provide technical support for this cooperation. As a company specializing in the development of green ship technology, Wuhan Sailing has rich experience in industrialization of new ship products and will support this cooperation in marketing. Weihai COSCO Technology and Nantong Ocean Shipping Package will make full use of its mature R&D, production system and strong marketing capabilities to participate in the whole process of product industrialization and provide the market with all-round solutions for marine exhaust aftertreatment.
It is reported that the three parties will cooperate in the development, production and sales of exhaust gas treatment systems such as desulfurization and denitrification. This cooperation will draw on the "China's ship supporting industry capacity improvement action plan" and the east wind of the ship's exhaust control in the coastal areas, give full play to the strengths of each party and achieve a win-win situation. This is also of great significance for enriching the product lines of the two supporting companies of COSCO Shipbuilding System and enhancing the product connotation.

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