There are many people who like to be old and tired, but there are also many people who are old-fashioned, especially our friends. They feel sorry for the aging of their love for many years. After years of wind and rain, motorcycles are also suffering from wind and frost, so the car is You must understand the car, cherish the car, proper maintenance and repair, the motorcycle will also protect you safely. Here are a few moves to make the motorcycle look new.

Generally, there are quite a lot of surface parts for motorcycles, and they are all metal parts. After a long time, they are easy to rust and form cracks in the turtle. The problem is to change the fuel tank, bumper casing and tire valve cap to plastic. , easier to save, more trendy, which parts of the iron parts are suitable for plastic?

(1) fuel tank

Nowadays, most of the car's fuel tanks are also plastic. The penetration rate of plastic fuel tanks in Europe and the United States has reached 70%. Because plastic fuel tanks are safer than metal fuel tanks, I did not believe it. When the traditional metal fuel tank accident occurred. You can watch the movie. You can get out and get out of the car. The Mars on the ground will be ground out. Although the probability is relatively small, let’s do it. If it is not good, it will burn up, but if you use plastic, first If you can't get Mars, the safety will be better.

The plastic fuel tank is safe and will not rust. Then plastic or resin has an additional advantage. The iron will rust and crack for a long time. Our gasoline is not pure gasoline. There is still a little bit of water on which side. You have no way to avoid this thing, but the plastic you use in the whole barrel is water and it will not rust. Plastic is not rust, so it is technical progress and safety. Better sex, no sparks, not easy to rust, the car is lighter, the fuel consumption will also be reduced, and this place becomes plastic. I think it is okay.

(2) bumper housing

The bumper casing is generally made of polypropylene which is lighter in weight and better in corrosion resistance. It is called PP in English. Here is a point to say that the bumper casing is not equivalent to the bumper, not to the outside. The shell is, it is actually composed of several parts, the shell outside the bumper, there is cushioning material inside, and inside is the anti-collision beam, together with the collective name is the bumper.

The bumper shell only serves as a buffer. The anti-collision beam is a structural component that protects the passengers in our car from damage when the impact force is relatively large. It is to use high-strength metal materials such as steel pipes and aluminum alloys, but The outer shell of the bumper only acts to cushion the impacting object. Relatively speaking, the strength is relatively low. The impact strength of the design is basically 0.3 joules per square centimeter. What is the concept of this? I said bullets, a bullet hit out, the impact of this bullet is about 1.8 joules per square centimeter, probably this way, a difference of six times.

The plastic bumper is easy to repair. If you press it, it will not break. If it hits it, it may break. This thing was iron before. Think about it. It’s OK to hit the bumper. How can it be replaced with iron now? Because this thing is often scratched, the outer part of the iron must be rust-proof, and the rust will be rusted. Every time the bumper is smashed, it is time-consuming and costly to force you to paint. Then the manufacturer also felt that the big piece of iron was there, the fuel consumption was high and unhealthy, and the cost of selling it himself was also high and uncomfortable. It used it to become plastic.

(3) tire valve cap

Then on the tire valve cap, there is not a place under our tire. You have to turn it first before you can pump or deflate. In the past, it was metal. Now it is basically made of plastic. That old plastic looks like it is worthless.

(4) Fender

There is a similar thing behind the fender, you think our car is basically metal, the tail, the trunk are made of metal, or iron or steel or aluminum, the former fender this little buttocks up The pieces on the side of the tires are all made of metal. Now these things have turned into plastic. Most of the fenders on the tires are usually not touched, and they are also repaired. It is hard work. It used to be formed by sheet metal stamping. Nowadays, it is basically done with plastic.

The plastic fender gap is small and low cost. The position of the body is like the arch above the tire. The fender is actually very complicated. In many places, there is a need to make a lap, the front door side The A-pillar, the front hatch, the headlights, and the front bumper are all likely to be put together. If the sheet metal is used, the fender often requires 5 to 6 processes to punch and stamp it. Can do it well.

I put it there, you said that this finger stuck in, the gap is very big, the effect is also general, so this thing is slowly starting to change from metal parts to plastic parts, light this It is just a matter of others. The light method is mainly because it takes into account the strictness and cost considerations. It is more suitable to use plastic, and it is not too easy to hit.

(5) intake grille

Another one is the air intake Geshan, we are on the front of the car, we say that the front of the car is a big mouth, that mouth is the air intake of Geshan, look at the chrome-plated bright, are metallic, look very angry Very expensive and very high-end, in fact, is also made of plastic, air intake Geshan is mainly for the engine to cool down, combing the airflow of the front, it does not matter whether it is practical to use metal.

The plastic grille design is better, and you put a piece of iron or a paint on the black lacquer. It doesn't have the plastic to brush the chrome to look beautiful. This is just one of the reasons. We also understand it better. In fact, behind it is a commercial problem. The shape of this grille is basically one of the most recognizable designs of this car. I just said a big mouth, which directly affects the front of the car. It doesn’t look good. If you go to this car, it’s good to sell, then you have to do this thing accurately, it’s pretty, comfortable.

(6) Metal stamping parts are difficult to manufacture

If these things are done with metal stampings, the difficulty and cost will be relatively large. It is good to straighten the metal steel bars. You have to make a small curve and make a more complicated shape. If the scale-like thing is to be done, the plastic will be better, that is to say, the front of the car is in the air, it is necessary to consider how to look good, how can it be done easily and at low cost? Things, the material changed from metal to plastic.

(7) Cracking of the outer casing

The possibility of cracking the outer casing is the spray of a metal-painted motorcycle and a newly sprayed car. The paint surface of the car will show some abnormally fine cracks. At the beginning, a small piece initially seeps into a large piece. If the Lord is not properly raised, waxing can prevent this kind of sign.

(8) Paint surface fading

There are many reasons for the fading of the surface paint of motorcycles. For example, the purification materials in the atmosphere, soot, chemical gas, etc., the fading of the paint surface and the oxidation of the paint surface are still somewhat different. If the color fades, the paint surface will show a divergent level of color difference. The usual paint surface faded and polished can be handled. Remember: the car wash can also ease the fading of the paint.

(9) lacquer oxidation

Very simple reason, the car paint in the ultraviolet light, the time is long, the paint surface will show darker colors, lighter color environment, encounter the oxidized surface of the paint, as long as the plating through the period may be plated The lacquer finish stops, not only can it reduce oxidation, but it can also prevent small scratches.

(10) Surface plating parts derusting

The appearance affects the vision, and the electroplated parts on the motorcycle will have different degrees of rust after being worn or eroded by rainwater. In severe cases, they will be rusted, which will affect the appearance and damage the parts. A rust-removing method can be used which does not corrode the coating. Remove. First, add ammonium acetate (white powder crystal, available from chemical stores) to the same amount of clean water. After it is fully dissolved, warm it to about 70 °C. Wipe the rusted area with a soft cloth to cover the solution until the rust spots disappear. Wipe off the residual solution with a dry cloth, and the plated parts will be as bright as ever.

(11) crashing flowers

Frequent driving, bumps and bumps are normal, falling or driving improperly, may cause motorcycle wipes, guards and other plastic wipes, metal parts are broken, thread slip is a common phenomenon, these happen, The best solution is to use 103 high-strength quick 2-in-1 glue to quickly repair it, saving money and effort.

1. When repairing the threaded wire, first clean and clean the aluminum chips and sludge in the wire hole, then apply the glue evenly on the inner wall of the hole, and fix the hole in the cylinder head of the cylinder head for 2 hours. Can be used normally.

2. The plastic parts of the motorcycle's guard plate, lampshade, etc. are damaged. It is convenient and practical to use 103 glue treatment according to the instruction manual. However, damage to important parts cannot be repaired in this way, but new parts must be replaced.

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