The three major factors of precision irrigation, along with the scarcity of water resources, require irrigation to be more precise in order to realize the sustainable development of irrigated agriculture. The basis for this is accurate and timely forecasting according to crop water requirements without affecting the growth and development of crops. , And to achieve automatic control of water volume, accurate delivery. There are three things to do to achieve accurate irrigation:
Master detailed crop water requirement data, which is the basis and guarantee of precision irrigation. By using a soil moisture monitoring system as an environmental recorder to monitor the moisture in the soil, the multi-point soil moisture monitoring system uses the probe to measure the moisture in the soil during the measurement, and the sensors in the measurement process are used. It is a time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology that complies with the “Soil Monitoring Standards SL000-2005 People's Republic of China Water Conservancy Industry Standards”. It is designed according to soil moisture monitoring specification requirements and can not only monitor soil moisture, but also the most important parameter of soil moisture content. Soil water potential, temperature, and conductivity can be monitored according to the user's needs. Measurements can be performed by using it to accurately measure the moisture in the soil. The results of the measurement can be directly uploaded to a computer and analyzed.
The use of advanced information technology, mainly computer automatic monitoring technology. This point can be completely realized by using the soil moisture monitoring system. It has a powerful communication network interface, the system has superior communication capabilities, meets different needs, and at the same time, a batch of calculation software that is equipped with itself has powerful data analysis capabilities.
Provide a large number of technical parameters that are linked together and convert these indicators into a model. Through the use of soil moisture monitoring system data analysis software to analyze the measured data to understand the changes in soil moisture, provide accurate judgments when the crops are irrigated, and reduce the waste of water resources.

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