Wind Anemometer Reveals Changes in Wind Speed ​​in China During the Year

The horizontal movement of air is called wind. The characteristics of the wind are expressed in terms of wind direction and wind speed. Wind direction refers to the direction of the wind, usually divided into eight directions, namely east, south, west, north, southeast, southwest, northeast, and northwest. However, in the wind map of the wind, the wind direction of the mainland is to divide it into 16 positions, but in the ocean it is divided into 32 positions. Wind speed refers to the distance that air moves in the horizontal direction per unit of time. The unit is m/s or kilometer/hour, which is usually expressed by the wind class. The detection of wind direction wind speeds began early in history, but at that time wind direction wind speeds were measured by the direction and frequency of the movement of the surrounding objects and are now detected using a wind direction wind speed monitor. The wind direction wind speed monitor has the characteristics of quickness and accuracy. Compared with the traditional high measurement method, we now use the wind direction wind speed monitor in weather detection. How different is the wind speed in the year in China?

At this point, the wind direction anemometer is used to detect the wind speed of the wind in the environment, and after the detection, it is plotted as a wind speed wind rose graph to clearly understand the change process. Through the observation and analysis of the wind speed in the wind year round, it has been found that the change of the wind is regular. The wind always blows from high pressure to low pressure. The greater the pressure difference, the greater the wind speed. In winter, the air in the north is cold, dense, and high in air pressure, so it is more northerly in winter. In the summer, on the contrary, the western Pacific and the South China Sea are sub-tropical high pressures, and the pressure in the north is low, so the southerly winds are often blown in summer. This change in wind direction with the season is called the monsoon. China is a monsoon country with northerly wind prevailing in the winter and prevailing in the summer. By learning from the previous year's monitoring of Suzhou using the wind speed monitor, it was found that Suzhou had the most frequent occurrence of southeast winds throughout the year, and the lowest frequency was southwest winds. From the month’s point of view, the northerly winds were observed in January. The frequency is 70%, and the frequency of southerly winds in July reached 77%.

For the detection of wind speeds in other cities, the wind speed monitor can also be used to operate. After analyzing and processing the data after measurement, it can be quickly and accurately analyzed to change the wind speed.

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