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China Drying News On December 2nd, the key technologies for pyrolysis and gasification co-products of agricultural and forestry residues developed by the Forestry Chemistry Institute of China Forestry College were identified through scientific and technological achievements organized by the State Forestry Administration. This technology is at the leading international level in the application of biomass gasification heat supply to the production of activated carbon and the production of solid carbon products during gasification.

The project was led by Jiang Jianchun's research team led by researchers Jiang Jianchun and took more than ten years to complete. It mainly uses agricultural and forestry biomass as raw materials, adopts oxygen-enriched medium, catalysts and other technical means to change gasification products and product quality, through high-temperature pyrolysis gasification reaction. Preparation of biomass gas, biomass charcoal and other energy products, comprehensive utilization of by-product biomass charcoal to produce molded charcoal/activated carbon products, to achieve the comprehensive utilization of biomass energy and materials.

According to reports, the project pioneered the conical fluidized-bed biomass gasification technology and equipment. The developed production system has a self-draining function, good sealability, stable operation, and high operational flexibility; it has also developed innovative oxygen-enriched biomass. Technology and tar cracking compound catalysts have greatly improved the calorific value of gas. In addition, for the first time, the project has realized the optimized coupled production technology for the production of high-carbon solid carbon products by using the biomass gasification process. The use of carbon products to develop thermal insulation agents for carbon steel industry, processing of formed carbon, and preparation of high-quality activated carbon have improved The economic application of material gasification technology has opened up new ways for the comprehensive utilization of biomass renewable energy.

It is reported that the use of the project's creation of wood activated carbon physics - chemical integration technology and equipment, China has built the world's first large-scale use of biomass gas heating 5000 tons / year chemical activated carbon demonstration production line.

Diesel Piston Air Compressor

Diesel piston air compressors are flexibly and widely applied in different sites, and they even can be continuously used in the absence of electricity environment. We can often see workers operate diesel piston air compressors, matching air picks or jack hammers to punch holes on the roads. The crankcase is equipped with oil mirrors and full pressure-relief respirator. Wear-resistant copper brushing on both sides of the open connecting rod design and inclined oil slanting sheet design ensure the service life. There are two types of diesel engines that can be choose, by hand or by power.

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