Repair gear pump paint stripping the top seven ways, as follows:

First, the principle and characteristics of gear pump surface coating

Gear pump surface coating technology for a variety of materials, parts and equipment repair, this technology has been in our country equipment maintenance has been widely used. Its working principle is to add molybdenum disulfide, metal powder, ceramic powder and fiber and other special filler adhesive, directly applied to the surface of materials or parts, so that it has a wear-resistant, corrosion and other functions, mainly for surface strengthening and repair . It is convenient and flexible, simple process, safe and reliable, does not require specialized equipment, just a good glue coated on the surface of the cleaned parts to be cured after the repair can often manipulate at room temperature, will not make the parts Produce thermal equivalent effect and deformation.

Second, sticky coating coating process

Outer cylindrical sleeve, sleeve end face fit, gear end face or pump housing bore small area of ​​the average wear between 0.15-0.50mm, scratches the depth of 0.2mm or more, it is appropriate to use sticky Tu repair process.

Adhesion coating process is relatively simple, but the actual construction requirements are quite strict, just choose a good adhesive, not necessarily able to obtain high viscosity strength. It is necessary to select the right adhesive, but also strictly in accordance with the exact method of adhesive coating the right adhesive, but also strictly in accordance with the exact process of law line viscosity coating to get satisfied with the coating effect.

Adhesion coating coating process: initial cleaning → pre-processing → final cleaning and activation → preparation of repair agent → coating → curing → finishing, cleaning or post-processing.


Fine sand paper into a certain trench mesh, exposing the basic qualities of the substrate.


Use a repair agent first in the sticky repair surface thin coating, repeated scratching and parts fully infiltrated, and then coated to an average size and set aside finishing allowance. As much as possible in the coating to move in one direction, the reciprocating coating will wrap the air in the gel to form bubbles or pores.


With coated release agent in the steel plate in the work, generally room temperature curing takes 24 hours, heating curing (about 80 ℃) takes 2-3 hours.

4. Trimming, cleaning or post-processing

Fine boring or with the use of file, fine sandpaper, whetstone will be finishing surface finishing to the required size

5. Initial cleaning

Gear pump parts surface must not have grease, water, rust, dust and so on. Wash with gasoline, diesel or kerosene first, then acetone.

6. Preparation of repair agent

When using the repair agent, the agent (A) and the curing agent (B) should be thoroughly mixed according to the specified ratio, and the color should be the same, and it should be used up within the specified time, with the use.

7. Final cleaning and activation

With acetone or special cleaning agent. Then use sandblasting, flame or chemical treatment to improve the surface activity.

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