Recently, Foton Motors has signed procurement contracts for 170 Futian Auhui LNG (liquefied natural gas) bus products with Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. and Duyun Public Transport Corporation.

Specifically, Foton Motor delivered 100 18-meter 4-door articulated vehicles and 60 12-meter double-decker LNG buses to Beijing Public Transport Holdings.

This is already the second largest new energy bus for Foton Motor in the near future. The company had announced on November 15 that it had signed a sales contract for 160 pure electric buses with Beijing Public Transport Holdings and had received the deposit paid by the buyer.

The company said that the performance of the above contract will not only help the company's Ouhui New Energy Bus to further promote its domestic and foreign markets, but also effectively reduce PM2.5 emissions and improve air quality.

It is understood that Foton Motor began research and development of new energy vehicles in 2003 and currently has more than 6,000 Futian new energy vehicles operating worldwide, including 3,908 pure electric vehicles. The company has become the world’s largest manufacturer of complete electric vehicles for demonstration of pure electric vehicles.

At the same time, Foton Motors is also the earliest domestic industrialization company in the field of new energy. In early October this year, 90 Foton autos LNG buses have replaced diesel buses to enter the streets of Beijing. Although they carry 175 passengers, 18 The maximum speed of the new LNG car can exceed 70 kilometers. The 90 Fukuda Ouhui 18-meter LNG large-capacity public transportation buses put into operation will reduce PM2.5 emissions by over 97% compared with diesel power.

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