According to the CSSC Group: As the ship's energy efficiency and emission requirements are becoming more stringent, the pace of upgrading the marine main engine is also accelerating. The new electronically controlled marine mainframe is widely used in various new ships. In order to better serve customers, Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has set up a professional technical training center to help ship companies and shipowners master the operation methods of new mainframes as soon as possible. This is not only supported by patentees, but also by many shipowners. Shipowner's welcome. Hudong Heavy Machinery has thus become the first marine mainframe manufacturer in China to provide professional technical training services.
According to reports, previously, there was a training center inside Hudong Heavy Machinery, but the training targets were mainly the employees of the company's assembly electrician, test group, after-sales service and other departments. With the application of more and more new models, many ship companies and shipowners have encountered problems in the operation and use of these products. Hudong Heavy Machinery has thus germinated the idea of ​​“opening up” the training center and actively carried out research. The survey results show that the future of low-emission, high-efficiency new electronically controlled diesel engines will gradually become the main model of the new ship, and ship companies and ship owners have a strong interest in this training content.
"From the model of Hudong Heavy Machinery produced this year, 20% of them are electronically controlled. The proportion will rise to 60% next year, and this year, the company's new orders will account for 90% of electronic control orders. It is foreseen that this proportion will be further improved in the future. Therefore, it is very important to master the operation method of the new model in time for the shipbuilding enterprise's 'guarantee delivery ship'.” Qin Wenquan, chairman of the company, said that the newly established training center will not only undertake Shanghai in the future. The training tasks of Dongzhong Machine will improve the technical level of the company's designers, construction personnel and after-sales personnel, and will provide professional training services to shipowners and shipbuilding enterprises in need to enhance the overall marketing capabilities of the company, establish and publicize The brand of Hudong Heavy Machinery.
After establishing the development goals and directions of the new training center, the Hudong Heavy Machinery Technology Center began to establish a comprehensive training system. At the same time, it developed training materials for customer needs and technology development trends, including MAN ME/-B/-C. , Alpha oiler diesel engine, Wärtsilä RT-Flex diesel engine, diesel engine basic technology, as well as supercharger, control system and other related equipment knowledge. Up to now, the new training center has trained 15 batches of students and more than 100 people, including China Shipping (Group) Corporation, Zhongbo Steamship Co., Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. The company sent personnel.
It is understood that the professional technical training center of Hudong Heavy Machinery also pays attention to the combination of theory and practical operation in the training process. Jiang Minda, secretary of the Hudong Heavy Machinery Party Committee, said that many of the training content in the training course is derived from practice. On the one hand, the trainees can fully study the theoretical knowledge, on the other hand, they can practice on the real machine and become familiar with the new models. Operation. The new training center is now equipped with ME-C control system simulator, Alpha oiler simulator, RT-Flex control system simulator, SAM automation simulator and other key components of diesel engines such as ABB supercharger, which provides good training. Hardware support.

Machining Titanium

In the process of machining titanium alloy, the titanium alloy material itself has low modulus of elasticity, large elastic deformation, high cutting temperature, low thermal conductivity and high chemical activity at high temperature, which makes the sticky knife phenomenon serious, easily aggravating the tool wear and even breakage, which leads to the poor machinability of the titanium alloy. Therefore, machining titanium alloy requires proper cutting tools and good machining technology.

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