In fact, how to look at the standard, LED lighting has no standard, has always been a hot topic in the industry. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the National LED Lighting Standardization Technical Committee has standardized 11 LED national standards and 2 industry standards. 6 national LED standards and 2 industry standards are being formulated; LED-related countries are involved. There are 25 standards and 1 industry standard. But how to make these standards play their due role requires further efforts by the industry.
Let LED national standards keep pace with the times, we must admit that China's LED industry is still in the primary development stage, 80 products are concentrated in the application market of landscape lighting, traffic lights, etc., the general lighting market is still in the promotion. As of the end of 2011, there were more than 3,000 LED companies in China, of which only 140 were in the annual output value of over 100 million yuan. However, none of the 140 companies have annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan, and only a few of them have more than 500 million yuan. It can be seen that the scale and standardization of China's LED industry is still elusive.
The consequence of the low threshold is that the enterprises are not well-balanced, and the disorderly development will inevitably lead to chaos in the industry. The non-standardization of industrial development is objectively caused by disorderly competition in the market, but it also requires the invisible hand of the state's macro-control to support and guide, because the advancement of the LED industry, such as the LED industry, affects the employment of traditional lighting industry, central and local policies. Conflicts, industry standards, testing, and certification mechanisms are fighting each other. National standards, industry standards, local standards, and corporate standards are not uniform, and even local protectionism, etc., it is unrealistic for enterprises to mediate.
In fact, if the LED industry wants to achieve large-scale promotion and healthy development, it must first establish a set of standards in line with national conditions, including national standards, technical standards, testing standards, certification standards, etc., without rules, this is the reason. . Due to the lack of national standards recognized by the industry in the LED industry, the detection system has not yet been established, which not only causes the mixed enterprises in the LED industry, but also leads to the uneven quality of LED products, the emergence of many unfair competition phenomena such as false advertising, and the current The disorderly competition in the LED industry has intensified. Some enterprises reported that the parameters detected by the two test equipment were inconsistent because the two test equipments were not used as a standard. The result of the non-uniformity of the standards was that the quality and performance of the products were different.
The development of China's LED industry must rely on the guidance of national standards such as product standards and energy efficiency standards. The introduction and implementation of national standards and testing systems not only contributes to the improvement of LED product quality and service life, but also contributes to the expansion of market share of LED companies with heavy quality and heavy brand, and is more conducive to LEDs with technical strength and channel strength. Enterprises are bigger and stronger and the technology upgrade of the LED industry.
Verification of standard units optimistic about LED lighting international verification standard unit UL optimistic about LED lighting applications, UL Asia Development Manager Chen Lizhen pointed out on December 11 that Taiwan LED factory technology is good, the special lighting with high security threshold will be Taiwan's LED factory profit New blue sea.
It is reported that Taiwan's LED packaging factory that has been certified for special lighting experiments has Edison and Qi Wei, who have invested in Jingdian. LEDs enter the lighting era from backlights. The competition facts of oversupply and falling prices have made many LED factories profitable. However, Chen Lizhen said that LED lighting applications are not only ordinary people's livelihood lighting, but also the characteristics of LEDs used in lighting. However, how to profit from the in-depth operation, the choice of the market is the key.
Judging from the technical advantages of Taiwan's LED factory, Chen Lizhen believes that it is a good choice to earn a certain profit from the special lighting with high security threshold, but also because the safety threshold is high, the product testing time is at least 6,000 hours waiting. In the meantime, this first threshold has caused many business owners to retreat.
He believes that as long as the business owner insists on choosing a long-term stable profit-making model, special lighting will be a good choice for Taiwan LED factory.
UL believes that the most distinctive feature of special lighting applications is that the use environment is usually in the public domain, and the lighting time is long, and its safety verification standards are high. Terminal applications include emergency lighting, stage lights, underwater lights, track lights, LED transposable sets, The path indicates lighting, swimming pools, surface temperature limits, medical venue lighting, and the like. At present, LED lighting products with internationally validated standards for medical field lighting include surgical lighting, xanthium lamps, infrared heating lamps, beauty lighting, and lasers.

Carbon Black

Carbon black is formed by the accumulation of spherical or chain particles with an average diameter of 5~30nm, and the internal microcrystalline structure with a diameter of 3~500nm, which can react with various free radicals.The proportion of carbon black is 1.8~1.9, the proportion of granular carbon black is 0.35~0.4, and the proportion of powdered carbon black is 0.04~0.08.

Carbon black can increase the tensile strength, hardness, tear resistance, wear resistance and other properties of rubber products, it is mainly used as a rubber reinforcing agent, especially for tires.Carbon black's color is extremely black, covering strength is very strong, also is the ideal black pigment.Used to manufacture tires, rubber tubes, conveyor belts and other rubber products as well as ink, dye, paint and other products.

Carbon Black is mainly applied to various rubber products such as tires,rubber overshoes,cable,seal ring,tape etc.Moreover they can be applied to such relevant industries as plastic manufacture.

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